and Stabilizes
the Ladder

Prevents ladder from sliding or falling, creating a stable base to work from

❯ For homes or buildings with gutters
❯ Fits all extension ladders
❯ Works on all gutters with or without gutter guards

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2024 People's Choice Winner for Innovative Product Showcase and Awards Program Category Safety & Fall Protection

2024 People’s Choice Award Winner for Safety & Fall Protection

The Innovative Product Showcase and Awards Program, powered by the International Roofing Expo, is a roofing and exteriors industry recognition program that celebrates today's cutting-edge solutions.

How Ladder Latch Pro Works

The innovative, patent-pending design connects the ladder to the roof's edge using four points of contact. Click numbers for details.

  1. Steel wedge slides between gutter and house
  2. One-way hook locks your ladder in place
  3. Padded gripper bar applies pressure against gutter
  4. Stability strap prevents lateral movement
Diagram showing 3 types of gutters from a side view: K-style gutter with 2 sizes and Box Gutter

Fits Most Shapes and Sizes of Gutters

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Product!!!

This has to be the smartest and easiest ladder safety device I've ever used. Way better than a bungee cord or ratchet strap to hold your ladder in place. The best part is that it works with gutter that have gutter guards. I run a mid-sized chimney sweep company and I make sure all my trucks have one.

— Michael W.

Great product, very satisfied!!

As someone who cares deeply about my father's safety, investing in the Ladder Latch Pro was a no-brainer, and it has truly exceeded all expectations. Not only has it dramatically increased my father's confidence while using ladders, but it has also provided me with peace of mind knowing that he's protected from potential accidents. The ease of installation meant I could set it up for him quickly, and the sturdy construction ensures it will last for years to come...I highly recommend the Ladder Latch Pro to anyone looking to safeguard their loved ones working at heights.

— Michael F.

A Wonderful Safety Device

I purchased this item for my son. He has already used it and feels confident that the ladder will not move while he’s working on his gutters. I highly recommend this device for anyone that has a need to use a ladder. The comfort in knowing that there is literally no chance of the ladder moving while working is well worth the cost of this device.

— Jeanna M.

Great, easy to use ladder safety device

Lightweight and very easy to use. Bought one for myself and some for my businesses work trucks. We previously used bungee cords to secure ladders to gutters which sometimes didn't work. Especially if those gutters had leaf guards. This is a great tool to have and works on almost all gutter systems, even with leaf guards. Highly recommend having one in your bag.

— Ryno

Great safety product while working on a ladder

Attaches easily, very light, and I love that it is universal so I can attach it both on open and closed gutters. Price well worth it.

— Leslie

Great Product

My husband is a contractor and purchased for his crews. Absolutely a great product!

— Michelle M.